More is More Better.


Things have happened or whatever!

SO yeah, things have totally happened since my last post. i’d do an update, but that would be a novella that i wouldnt even know where to begin to write..

Needless to say, there have been shows, performances, parties, and pictures (all the things i love)

Primarily, this post is about what is yet to come.

i’ve got a few things on the horizon, simmering in the summer sun, and i eagerly await their fruition!

Most recently, i’ve been asked to help re-design/re-brand/re-vive Atlanta’s longest running weekly 80’s night dance party at long time atlanta staple/ the first club i EVER went to: the Masquerade.

Its an 18+ venue that’s been a legend in Atlanta for as long as i can remember. they want some fresh faces in the club and need people to remember why the masquerade has been around for so long and most importantly that its more than just a venue for awesome concerts and shows.

The first night of my reign is scheduled for this coming Thursday, May 26th! and i couldn’t be more excited! We’re starting out small, and spreading the word that a change is in the air, but for super serious, stay tuned for big announcements and even bigger rennovations!

I join DJ Christopher Kind, as well as DJ Colby (in the adjacent room) to make this party huge again….i can still remember my early voyages to the masquerade as a baby-gay. 80’s night used to be the event you planned your week around–and i’m hoping to get it back to that point again.

SO i urge everyone to make an appearance–theres no cover if you have the super secret weekly password AND (more importantly) drinks are cheap.

Now, go ahead and “like” the facebook page( found HERE ) so you can keep up to date on our weekly shenanigans and get the password for you and your friends!

I expect to see all of Atlanta on thursday nights from now on.



SO, needless to say, this was a BIG week/ weekend for me.

it started monday with my bi-weekly deejay gig at Mary’s, followed by a special guest spot on Wednesday with my kids: Gun Party at the Earl, and finally i finished everything off on Saturday with my first ever double booking!

The evening began early with the deeelightfully campy screening of “Showgirls” at the Plaza Theater with Blast Off Burlesque.

Vanity’s Uncanney and I were asked to join in the fun!

we portrayed the roles of Chrystal and Nomi…

…in an all out drag dance battle to the naked death.

afterwards, i rushed over to east atlanta to join Gun Party again for a midnight show at 529!

needless to say, i’m BEAT.

the weekend was amazing and i had a fantastic time. if you missed these shows, stay tuned for more updates about upcoming events and shows!



TONITE: Kick off your St. Patty’s Weekend with Gun Party and myself at the Earl!

Come by early and get a Tease of things looooming on the horizon!

Gun Party, The Long Shadows, and Life at Sea!


Your Weekend in Advance March 10th-13th!

Hay out there in internet land!

there are alot of exciting new dishes on the menu for this week! i advise you balance your work schedule accordingly…

Lets get to it shall we?

Thursday March 10th:

First and foremost, my art show is up and running at East Side Lounge in east Atlanta and will be until this month’s Hot&Sticky “Spring Breaker” edition! So if you rolled through and said to me “i really want that piece! but i’m gonna wait!” your time is almost up! seriously, i’ll be there Thursday, and i’ll probably be taking the best offer. The less i have to haul home at 3 am, the better! SO C’MON DOWN to Craaaazy Dax’s Art- Bar-nnnn i’m so crazy i’m slashing slashing slashing prices (and tires if you dont buy!)


If you’re involved in the drag scene to any extent, you know pageants are a big part of it to alot of performers. this thursday, join my friends; Pandora PussyBox and Celeste Holmes for the Georgia Miss USofA, at large and Newcomer Pageant at the jungle! its sure to be a night of ELEGANZAAAH and enough rhinestones and sequins to make Liberace feel under-dressed!

FRIDAY! March 11th: presents a very merry Berfday to our founding freak himself, Jsin at the newly renovated Quad (formerly Spring and 4th center)!!

Its a Superhero, Nerd, and School girl theme–or as i’ve been saying “WEAR WHAT EVER JUST SHOW UP TO MY PARTY DAMMIT!”

i’ll be playing Emcee! as my personal hero, Storm of the X-men. i’m very excited, i haven’t been involved in a secretroom party in quite a while. Secretroom always holds a special place in my heart because as a baby drag-ling, Jsin always gave me a stage, a spotlight, a box to dance on, and enough booze to drown even the heartiest bear. There will be a costume contest with cash prizes as well as a special performance by miss Alisa Kiss. I highly advise you make an appearance, because seriously…wear whatever the fuck you wanna wear, just show up!


Illustration by ME! Design by Caleb Gauge!


Featuring a performance by Hot Pink Delorean and Djs; Tamara Sky, Damaged Goods, Sofa King, Proximal, and (one of my faaavorite Darlin’s) Miss TaraDactyl!!

its definitely bound to get cray cray–but that’s honestly a given….

The girls of SorryDarlin will be hosting a civilized gathering of adults in the backroom while the front room is bound to get..well…SLOPPY.

AND then sunday…we rest.

well…most of us rest, the rest of us get bloody mary’s and end up out till four am somehow.

there you have it, your atlanta party schedule in advance, now you can make an informed decision on how/when/where you get schwasty.

and as always, i hope to see you in my rounds.


As February Ends March Madness Begins.

By Carla Aaron Lopez

SO we’re now in pre-planning for March….a significant month for booze enthusiests like myself, what with St. patty’s day and all. But aside from that, there will be alot of ridiculous events lined up all month long to keep you nice and Toasty.

But for now, i’m just gonna prep you for this upcoming week!

First up, Wednesday

Local Atlanta awesomeness, Gun Party, Modern Paranoia, Jack Topht, and DIP will be playing at the Drunken Unicorn on Wednesday march 2nd. If you haven’t checked out any of these bands, i HIGHLY advise you do as such. Come for the show, and then after, head over to MJQ for the usual Wednesday madness we’ve all come to know and love!

more info can be found here:!/event.php?eid=195832010446527

this Thursday:


This Thursday break out your low rider elephants and gold nose rings and join BAMF! at MJQ for BOLLYHOOD. Punjabi thugs and Desi cholas are the inspiration so dress accordingly. Djs Caesar Swivel Ramirez and Sharaab Selectah. Performances by DAXclamation! and Naomi Munroe. Hosted by Sarah Mincher for “Sari” Darlin and Michael Payne. Tasty treats from the Far East for your party pleasure. Don’t miss out, because this party is gonna be BANGLAFRESH!

Then, Sunday:

Join a stellar array of southeastern stars for an evening of entertainment, silent auction, and raffles to help send Devin to the national Mr USofA MI pageant in Oklahoma.
Fonda Lingue
Drue Lingue
Wesley Rocker Lingue
Dazza Lingue
Devin Liquor
Diego Wolf (Athens, GA)
Dae Tripper (Athens, GA)
Patricia Lopez
Owen McCord
Feleshia Sapphire
Aqualencia Litre
Maggie Munster (Athens, GA)
Vincent St Sebastian (Athens, GA)
Fajita Marinara
Anthony Christian (St Pete, FL)
a special acoustic set by Amber Taylor
hosted by Regina Simms
FUNNNNNdraising rabble-rousing by members of the Atlanta Sisters

If you cannot attend but would like to make a donation for silent auction or otherwise, contact Devin via Facebook message.

Aaaanyway, thats your week in advance! hopefully i’ll be seeing alot of familiar faces out and about!


Theres new Diggs in Decatur!

SO (on the way home) after a night of dancing and drinking and generally being gay, i was suddenly stricken with hunger!
I live in downtown decatur, and my usual choice for 3 am cuisine is either McDonald’s or Kroger on ponce… kroger always comes with the risk of either being hit on or mugged at 3 am, so McDonalds i usually the safer bet.

i pulled into the mickey D’s drive through and the nice robot said to me “sorry, we’re closed” even after the illuminated sign promised me “24 hour drive through”. it was then, i rememebered, the new 24 hour diner in downtown decatur which has been under construction for nearly a year.

as a creature of the night and generally undead, i’m always searching for a new 24 hour haunt…a place to sip coffee at 3 or 4 or 5 am without gettinf weird looks, and to quote Hemmingway, a “clean well lighted place”….

thank be-jeebus, i found it.

i parked on the street in front of the neon oasis and entered, i was greeted by surprisingly friendly staff and even chatted with the kitchen help–who made sure they had my order right– i purchased a (surprisingly customizable) gigantic hamburger surrounded by a dead sea of french fries. granted, i was the only customer so the preparation took longer than prefered…but it was very much worth the wait.

according to the manager, they’ve only been open for two days, so the craze hasn’t caught on yet. if you’re an Atlanta native and love the majestic, but live more on the decatur side of the atl (like me) i HIGHLY reccomend the decatur diner.

its still new so everything is clean and sleek, reminiscent of old school diners of the fifties and sixties with its bright neon lights, but more like an applebee’s or TGI fridays with its myriad of booths divided by glass tile.

the menu is impressive and eclectic and despite the “oriental” stir fry, its highly unoffensive.

i say, at least: give them a try

bars in decatur are open till four and these folks are open forever. so get into it before we lose yet another 24 hour delight.

thats all i have to say about that, now i’m gonna take a food coma.



I’m not in love with love, i’m in love with parties!

SO once again, the holiday upon us (namely Valentine’s Day) spawned a weekend that seemingly had no end.

Mine started Thursday with Hot & Sticky at East Side Lounge.

I joined the girls of Sorry Darlin for a birthday celebration of Dj Skooter as well as my first Solo Art Show! i did a series of prints of digital illustrations that will be on display for about a month. they’re all up for sale, so if you’d like an original one time only print PLEASE stop by East Side Lounge in East Atlanta anytime for the next 30 days!

I was very excited to display work, i rarely ever get the chance to do so. and i honestly NEVER make prints of anything i do, so everything displayed is totally a one time kindof deal.

My favorite piece:

“Faux Nagel”

Friday, i slept.

BUT Saturday was filled with things to do (as expected)

I began my night early and made a brief but fun-filled appearance at “The Intergalactic Love Affair” at the Jungle. a benefit put on by the Radical Faeries and the Flaming Sugarbaker Sisters for local atlanta foundation, Youth Pride.

Project Q

From there, i headed to Mary’s in East Atlanta for our annual Valentines day dance, where i performed with the help of miss Koochie Koochie ku aka Naomi Munroe.

Then the night was rounded out with Sloppy Seconds…

Where much girl fun was to be had…

With photographic evidence provided by…
Oh Snap Kid

then, of course, sunday i slept.

Tonight, i’m gearing up for my DJ set at Mary’s. i’m compiling a play list of songs about “love” with the word “love” in the title, as well as about “hearts” oor with the word “heart” in the title.

yeah, i love a good theme..


We Don’t Know Yet….

SO this week…My friend Alex and i decided to start our own Podcast. Its an idea we’ve had for a WHILE now, and after a lot of scheduling problems, we finally carved out time to sit down for our first attempt.

its entitled “We Don’t Know Yet” because when we were asked what the name was, we both responded “we don’t know yet”…and it stuck.

We plan for it to be a sassy gay banter about nightlife, entertainment, and musings over a bottle of wine–champagne–whiskey–or beer…depending on what is most convenient.

Anyway, Feel free to listen if you so choose!

And please, stay tuned for more!

We Dont Know Yet ep. 1 by We Don’t Know yet!

Also, here’s our first trial podcast that Alex posted to his soundcloud account:

Latest tracks by aslice

we’re calling it “TANGENT!”


SNOWPOCALYPSE: the Ice Man Cometh

SO…earlier this evening, i TRIED my hardest to leave the house. i’ve been in isolation since sunday when things started getting too cold to deal with. i was fine for a couple of days but tonite i had to get outside for a bit. I’d planned to head to East Atlanta for a bit–yanno, nothing too serious–and had been assured by many people that the roads were pretty much all clear…yeah. they were probably referring to main roads where traffic gets heaviest. near where i live currently (in Decatur) all of the small roads i need to take to get to those big main roads are still icy death.

my tires spun once and i immediately came back home. i hadnt gotten very far but it still took about ten or so minutes…

i figured i’d spend some time going through music and arranging things for my gig tomorrow, but i’ve been so restless, its hard to focus.

managed to add some more to the drawing i started the other day:

yeah. i dont really know where i’m gonna go with this drawing, or even how i’m gonna finish it off. its really a completely unplanned thing–which is fine.

whatevs. my eyes are tired, i’m going to bed and hoping for some kindof thaw tomorrow.


SNOWPOCALYPSE: End of the world party

SO in case you’ve been living under a rock, or anyplace that isnt the south east…

Atlanta has been blanketed with snow, but mostly, its been sheeted with ice. There are videos sprouting up of people literally ice skating down peachtree street, twitter has been a twat full of posts about cabin fever, car accidents have skyrocketed beyond belief…and everyone is pretty much stuck inside.

it looks as though that’ll all come to an end by the weekend. which has my party-senses tingling with the unavoidable buzz of parties and events…since the whole city has been shut down since sunday, i know my fellow booze-enthusiests and party-holics have been jonesing for a fix of bass.

Whats on the menu at the end of the world? you might ask…WELL i’ll tell you:

FIRSTLY, Thursday night, i’ll be joining the ladies of SorryDarlin with a DJ set for their monthly “Hot and Sticky” at East Side Lounge. you can also expect other Dj’s like Josh LeCash, Patty Cakes, and a performance by J. Monroe!

heres to hoping the big thaw comes soon.



if an icy rave isnt really your thing–no judgement– the second January installment of Bedlam is upon us! with a seven deadly sins theme, a bar tab prize for best dressed, performances, and dance party magic all hosted by the enterprising mister Barry Brandon.



Those lovely ladies and gents of Blast Off Burlesque bring you a two day strip-a-thon! their website claims that friday is all sold out, But fear not! they’ll be providing two shows on saturday at 7:30 and again at 10:00! al at 7 stages in little five. but either way thats early, so feel free to make plans for the remainder of the evening…namely…

with like a bajillion Dj’s in a newly renovated and expanded space that was once the humble afterhours fetish den, Spring/4th center… it’ll be the first time in a good couple of years that i’ve made the excursion to this midtown legend. Its aptly timed too, i’ve been in a nostalgic old school rave mode for the past few days after unearthing a bunch of CDs that i refuse to admit to owning.

at any rate, its bound to be fairly ridiculous!

Also, saturday, its…


its a special Avenue X this month, with my drag Partner in crime’s momentus 24th birthday..miss Naomi Munroe! Dj Westwood A-go-go will be spinning lots of riotous retro dance inspiring tracks, a special birthday drag show will ensue, and then all around merry making and rabble rousing will round out the evening. all hosted by Misster Derek Sims.

SO yeah, thats your weekend in advance. Choose wisely, you gotta dance off that cabin fever somehow. but you really only get one shot to do it right.

Hopefully i see you in my rounds!